STAFF REPORT RWP: The sustainable and environmental friendly transport system is the need of the hour in the country as major chunk of the air pollution is contributed by vehicles. Thinking on this pattern, an agreement was signed by Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) in partnership with Project Management Unit PAKISTRAN and Ministry of Water and Power in order to set up a think tank responsible for advising on policy makers, identifying loopholes in the transport system and suggesting solutions to curtail automobile driven greenhouse gases discharge.

The key objectives of centre will be to create awareness amongst general public and sensitizing policy makers on most daunting issues of transport system which have severe adversities on the environment.

The think tank is named as Centre for Environmentally Sustainable Transport and Climate Change (CESTAC). Vice Chancellor FJWU, Dr Samina Amin Qadir and Secretary, Ministry of Water and Power, Hassan Nasir Jamy inked the letter of agreement in the presence of notable researchers, students etc.

Dr Samina Amin Qadir hailed the endeavors of PAKSTRAN project for interpolating academia to attain the sustainable development goals in the country. She further added that this collaboration and the centre will be a game changer in order to evolve the transport system in accordance with the environmental sustainability.

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