STAFF REPORT ISB: Warid Telecom has dispatched a new accidental insurance service called BIMA, which provides Warid clients a simple approach to ensuring the money related eventual fate of their families for as meager as Rs. 30 every month. Warid’s BIMA item has effectively paid out its first claim, giving the group of a heartbreakingly perished client PKR 300,000.

Warid’s BIMA is accessible to prepaid clients who essentially need to SMS “BIMA” to 9878 (at no charge) after which MILVIK specialists will call them inside of one working day to talk about installment arrangements and choices. Before the end of October, BIMA item will likewise be accessible for postpaid clients.

BIMA has been planned by Warid in collaboration with MILVIK, the prime frontrunner and provider of smart insurance and health services, and the creative insurance agency, Alfalah Insurance. Warid has presented this choice for clients so they can get to the security that accompanies protection through a moderate and helpful instrument. BIMA is accessible in four levels: the most moderate Silver arrangement begins at just Rs. 30 every month and the most extreme spread on the Diamond arrangement is PKR 1,500,000.

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