Press Release: Fruity popsicles, pints of home-made tart, lemony beverages, foodie gatherings and slacking back on day by day assignments comes following alongside hot summers. Add stormy showers to this mid-year fun and you have fiery Pakoras and khattichutnito harp on to. In any case, who will promise that amusing to keep going long?

While winters might never substitute for the essence of summer, it has its own flavors and hues to live with foodpanda, your most loved web requesting stage, knows only that thing which matches summer freshness and winter flavors with TANG’s energizing new “Mosambi” drink sachets conveyed allowed to you on your each request.

Presently, with each request set on foodpanda, you get an opportunity to appreciate the new flavor TANG Mosambi. Every request goes with a sachet of new flavor for clients to add on to their esteemed involvement with foodpanda.

Talking on this joint effort, foodpanda Marketing Manager says, “We worked together with TANG to make requesting knowledge with foodpanda somewhat more energizing. Everyone loves to request food from their most loved eatery and needing to get a charming shock from TANG will clearly bring grins and a positive sentiment of continually trusting on our administrations.”

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