STAFF REPORT LHR: The Government of Punjab executive meeting was held to review proposition in regards to the immediate implementation of an agricultural relief package for headway of the flourishing of small farmers. Chief Minister Punjab, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif presided the meeting.

Tending to the meeting, he said, “The rouse of agriculture relief package and welfare of farmers is the country`s foremost need and the package is a defining moment for the prospering of agriculturists as dynamic measures have been taken for the progression of small cultivators”.

He said that early acquisition of cash related help to small farmers under agribusiness relief package will be ensured. The regulations for the completing of the outline of the region being worked on for the acquisition of cash related help to small farmers was discussed amidst the meeting.

The agriculture relief package was announced by Prime Minister last week that has received the mixed response from the relevant communities. The agriculture relief package can abet small farmers to a great deal and set the dimension right towards agriculture sector uplifting and imparting immense impact on national exchequer by the export of agri commodities through improved yield.

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