STAFF REPORT ISB: Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced the four-day workshop for Pakistan School on Internet Governance (PkSIG) in order to promote internet governance.

PkSIG will offer a concentrated adapting course spreading over a few tracks and will cover different dimensions of internet governance inside of the connection to the national needs of Pakistan.

The focal persons in the workshop will impart to members the best universal works on with respect to worldwide and local internet governance issues, settings, and procedures while obtaining entrance to thorough and organized information on the different aspects of internet governance.

The speakers will portray the historical backdrop of Internet since the 1950s and the story how it developed throughout the years. The session will cover web clients dimensions, base, Internet QoS, ISPs in the nation, mobile operators, the ccTLD, the IDN ccTLD, root-server occasions, IXPs, IPv4 and IPv6, global contribution, 3G/4G, advanced cells, examination and instructive systems, the part of the scholarly world in the web improvement, online networking.

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