STAFF REPORT ISB: The ozone layer is a protective shield that protects the earth from harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays. To highlight the importance of Ozone layer, International Ozone Day is celebrated on Sep 16 every year since 1995. The day was organized officially in Pakistan as well and a seminar on International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer under the slogan Ozone – All there is between you and UV was organized by Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC).

Chairman Pakistan Green Task Force, Dr Jamal Nasir was present as chief guest on the occasion. He said while stressing on the importance of ozone layer, “The ozone layer is the protective shield that protects humans from harmful UV radiations thus preventing from various skin diseases so it is our collective responsibility to adapt practices to protect ozone layer which itself is on high risk due to anthropogenic activities”.

Sajjad Ahmad Bhutta, Natioal Ozone Cell Project Director, MoCC said, “It is motivating to note that Pakistan is en route to wipe out Ozone depleting substances and is in full consistence with the objectives set-out by the International ozone bodies. In this connection, on January first, Pakistan has accomplished the 10 percent decrease target which is way ahead of the given targets”.

Iqbal P Sheikh, UNIDO consultant gave a detailed presentation on contribution of Pakistan in meeting the international targets of Montreal Protocol and phasing out chlorofluorocarbons and the strategy made to phase out the hydro chlorofluorocarbons carbons (HCFC).

The industry representatives from major companies such as Dawlance, Haier, also detailed the contributions made by their respective companies in adapting to the innovative technologies in order to reduce the consumption of HCFC in different industrial applications so to minimize their company`s impact on ozone layer and contributing their positive role in phasing out Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS). A debate competition between the students was also held at concluding session of the event in connection to ozone layer to improve engagement of students. Winners were awarded with shields. The experts from industry, academia, researchers, environmentalists, students, media persons attended the session.

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