PRESS RELEASE: With speakers blasting sound of trumpets, top right corner of the computer screen prompted a tiny red flag with single white “1” shining in the middle.First order atfoodpandahad been received.And since then its all been trumpets and drums andwhoopieof hundreds and thousands of happy customers across the country.

Today, foodpanda turns 3 and folks at Karachi Head Office are all in the mood to make this celebration anything but boring. If you fancy licking the icing off a giant birthday cake, blast music across the hall or tangle everyone in sticky mess of party poppers, then you are invited. Look out for a surprise phone call invitation from the officials as this is no serious business but a candid celebration of sticking through thick and thin for bright foodie times.

The fiesta will commemorate three wonderful years of growth, success, laughter and cries but above all celebration of ever growing customer pool. There will be food, music and fun alongside an up-close interaction with the brains processing orders and attending to your everyday concerns. Exclusive food vouchers have also been designed for the invitees in spirits of celebration which are guaranteed to make you feel giddy in the bones.

“We have come a long way since receiving our first few orders for the day to catering to a massive lot of customers from all over the country. Everyone including our restaurants partners and our loyal customers who placed trust in our service and allowed us to work flexibly in order to improve the service and introduce modern experiences for the foodies, we thank you all! And hope that this celebration will continue to take place each year, commemorating the patronage of our customers as well as the brilliant teams working together to make foodpanda an amazing experience for all of us every day”, Omair Bakhsh, Marketing Manager foodpanda shares his joy on foodpanda turning 3.

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