PRESS biggest online foodplatform,has partnered up with Saylani Welfare Trust this Eid-Ul-Azha to bring convenience to awesome EatOye customers in performingtheirsacrificial duties. This initiative will allow the customers to make an online booking share a part in sacrifice. A service like this has never been set up iN Pakistan before!

AsEid-ul-Azha draws nearer; Muslims begin preparations to perform one of the duties passed down for generations. As the prices of sacrificial animals rose massively in the recent years and common people lives become tangled, it is increasingly becoming difficult to perform this duty for the common folk.

Each customer will be able to make an online booking for a share in a sacrificial animal, which will then be collected by Saylani itself. The meat of the animal can then be collected by the customers from Saylani Welfare Centersspread all across the cities.

“EatOye makes every effort to provide ease to awesome customers every day. Im happy that this Eid ul Azha we will make it convenient for our customers to perform their religious duties just by ordering online from the coziness of their home”,said Nauman Sikandar, Managing Director, EatOye/foodpanda.

The price for this share is set to PKR 8,000/- for cow and PKR 11,000/- for goat. Just logon share your part in sacrifice with EatOye!

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