STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in its progressing endeavors to control grey traffick has uncovered one illegal gateway exchange in Bahawalpur.

As indicated by authentic sources, one successful raid against the grey traffickers was done alongside FIA team at New Ghala Mandi Bahawalpur. Illegal gateway exchange including five gateways, numerous ports, alongside different types of gear like CPU, switches, SIMs, Tablet and PTCL Modem were appropriated.

The successful raid against the grey traffickers was made conceivable as a result of nonstop observing, responsibility and diligent endeavors by PTA in checking the threat of grey traffickers consequently abridging the misfortune to the national exchequer.

The shady elements present in different corners of the country have a tendency to dissuade the services of licensed telecommunication companies by bringing on genuine interferences because of overlapping of frequencies bringing about poor voice quality. Along these lines, it is important to take stern activities against those components with a specific end goal to guarantee the transparency of telecom and ICT area so as to offer more worldwide telecom organizations to put resources into Pakistan. PTA endeavors are unquestionably plausible in such manner.

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