STAFF REPORT ISB: The Ministry of Information and Technology (MoIT) and Telecommunication held a session for its e-office pilot project briefing. “Charity begins at home is the famous proverb and MoIT is fully in compliance with this and this e-office system will account for automated official processes saving much of time and cost on paper to as much as Rs 2.5 billion annually once entire system is converted into e-filing”, said Anusha Raman, State Minister MoIT while briefing the participants about the project.

“The system will boost the Ministry`s productivity and ensure transparency also by increasing efficiency, cutting redundant operational expenses and employing time effectively”, she added.

The system has been operational since July this year and all files of the IT ministry are now communicated through e-office instead of papers, which has saved significant time in addition to providing other advantages. Pakistan is the first country in the region to successfully implement this e-office model.

The e-office system has six modules including e-filing that accounts for electronic communication of the files. The automation and role technology in core business and organizational management are significant advancements towards improved performances and the reflections will be manifested in coming years.

The MoIT sources also revealed that thirteen other ministries will also adapt the e-office system soon.

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