STAFF REPORT ISB: The electricity consumers having surplus power from solar panels or wind systems will be able to sell electricity to distribution companies. The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) approved the Net Metering Regulation, 2015.

NEPRA sources said while commenting on the decision, “Net metering regime will enable customers with a three-phase electricity connection to get monetary benefits by offsetting at least a part of their power bills by generating electricity”.

The sold power units will be adjusted in the electricity bill of the consumer. By producing 50 units daily, a consumer can produce 1,500 electricity units every month. Assuming that the consumer is paid at Rs13 per unit, the money that can be made every month will be around Rs 19,500.

A consumer will have to submit an application to the local sub-divisional office of the concerned distribution company to avail this facility under the Net Metering Regulations, providing all relevant information regarding the installed power generation system (solar or wind).

The regulation will encourage domestic and commercial customers to build small scale power generation photovoltaic units for energy conservation and gaining monetary benefits.

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