STAFF REPORT NAGARPARKAR: The biodiversity has faced immense deterring due to climate change impacts and many human activities which have accounted for extinction of many flora and fauna species in the country. Vultures are at risk of extinction in Pakistan and to preserve them a national level strategy is required. International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and a local non-governmental organization Baanhn Beli have come forward to frame a robust strategy for conservation of vultures. Both organizations have initiated the formulation of the National Vulture Conservation Strategy. USAID is the potential donor of the project.

The launching of the project was marked in a recently held event. The participants form IUCN-Pak, Baanhn Beli, local communities were present on the occasion.

The project over the next 10 months will include a series of coordinated actions are planned to be implemented with the active participation of village communities, local resource persons, relevant officials, technical international and national experts to identify specific measures at multiple levels that will conserve existing numbers and promote their safe breeding. Consultations will also be held with the national and international experts on similar initiatives taken in South Asia and Africa.

Speakers highlighted the significance of vultures in the ecosystem and said it was high time to take serious actions for their preservation as they play a key role in cleansing the landscape from dead or rotting carcasses of animals.

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