STAFF REPORT ISB: The Chinese lead Smartphone manufacturing company, Haier has announced to set up manufacturing facility in Pakistan. The senior officials from Haier Company held a meeting with Minister of State, Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) and Telecommunication, Anusha Rahman. The delegation expressed keen interest in peeping the Smartphone manufacturing in Pakistan during the meeting.

Senior officials from Haier Company appraised Minister, “Haier is focused to transfer the Smartphone manufacturing technology in Pakistan instead of importing Smartphones. Pakistan is a potential market for Smartphone business with growing number of Smartphone users and Haier is geared up to tap this market”.

Anusha Rahman welcomed the plan of Haier delegates and said, “Pakistan has begun to enter into age of technology as it has successfully coped with serious instability issues in the past. After the advent of 3G/4G in Pakistan; there has been a great buzz in the telecommunication sector and has opened up avenues of investment in this sector. The incumbent government is focused to encourage local Smartphone manufacturing in Pakistan and the outcomes will be manifested in near future”.

According to the tech pundits, with the entry of Haier in Smartphone manufacturing in Pakistan; the prices of Haier Smartphones is expected to cut to half of today`s prices.

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