STAFF REPORT ISB: A two day workshop on cotton disease research titled as Enhancing Cotton Germplasm Improving Resistance to CLCV Disease, was held at National Agricultural Research Centre to highlight the need of research to mitigate the extent of cotton crop diseases that account for heavy losses per annum.

PARC Chairman Dr Iftikhar Ahmad termed the Pak-US CLCUV as one of the benchmark programmes which would not only help overcome the cotton disease in Pakistan but would also help monitor its spread across the continents.

Cotton is an important crop and is an integral product of agri sector in Pakistan that contributes a sizeable share in GDP. The research and development in the cotton diseases is imperative to curtail the losses that are implicated due to several ambient and non-ambient attacks on cotton crops.

Federal Minister for Ministry of National Food Security and Research (MNFSR), Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan was present on the inaugural session of the workshop. He said while speaking on the occasion, “Cotton is significant cash crop that earned 51% of the total foreign exchange besides providing employment opportunities to many Pakistanis. However, the leaf curl virus disease has been causing hefty loss of two to three million bales every year. The situation needs categorical attention of scientists to research and find out the solution for this to reverse the situation”.

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