STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) is a forerunner in science popularization in Pakistan and has initiated several programmes for SandT advancement in the country. The 8th brainstorming session of Making Pakistan Science Conscious was held recently in COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Islamabad. The purpose of the session was to mull future strategies and work in collaboration for SandT promotion.

Prof Dr Zabta Khan Shinwari, Secretary General PAS said during his speech, “PAS is committed to its resolve of SandT popularization and solution of our socio-economic problems lie in SandT; therefore it is imperative to take necessary measures in order to advance science and technology in Pakistan and resolve our problems with local solutions through SandT”. He further said that PAS continues to popularize science through its number of initiatives and one such ongoing project is Science Essay Competition which is organized by PAS with support of Technology Times and Qarshi Industries.

Dr Junaid Zaidi, Rector CIIT said while speaking on the occasion, “The initiative of PAS for SandT popularization is really commendable. CIIT also shares mutual manifesto of scientific advancement and will reinforce PAS activities by positively contributing and producing eminent human resource in science and technology in order to strive forward for knowledge based economy”.

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