STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan`s greatest challenge in present day is the energy crisis which has spoiled major industries in number of ways. The rising unemployment, under achieved production from industries, shake of investors trust are few of the countless associated problems of this due to which Pakistan has faced serious damage. The Institute of Business Management (IoBM) also expressed grave concerns on the persisting energy crisis and organized a conference on Energy self-sufficiency to pop up various solutions of energy crisis and make country as an energy self-sufficient country.

The experts at the conference emphasized on creating friendly opportunities for business oriented people in the fields of renewable energy. The enhancement of funding in research and development of economically viable energy solutions especially renewable energy was also voiced.

Talib Karim, Rector IoBM said while speaking on the occasion, “The technopreneurship in energy sector is the key to address the existing heavy challenge of energy shortfall that can grow more serious in case timely policy shifts are not opted”.

The energy experts, researchers, professionals, representatives from government counterparts also participated in the conference and hailed the efforts of IoBM to sensitize on the pertinent issue and creating a platform for stakeholders to brainstorm for proposing pragmatic solutions.

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