The Islamabad Signal Free Expressway project work

has been started by Capital Development Authority (CDA) without fulfilling

requisite procedural requirements and submission of Environmental Impact

Assessment (EIA) report to Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA).

The civic agency is believed to have violated Section 12 of the Pakistan

Environmental Protection Act-1997 (PEPA-1997).

Senator Mushahidullah Khan, Federal Minister for Climate Change has showed

serious concerns and reservations over the alleged infringement by CDA and has

directed Pak-EPA to strictly ensure the compliance of environmental law and take

stern action against the violators. The Minister also urged all the departments to

obey the environmental protocols because Pakistan cannot afford slack approach

towards environment as it is in the list of top 10 most vulnerable countries exposed

to the risk of climate change phenomenon and its impacts are already showing as a

result of unexpected flooding, drought etc.

“No project can be termed as sustainable if trees and environmental degradation is

likely to happen due to it. All public/private organizations are legally bound to

obtain EIA report and get mandatory approvals from Pak-EPA before starting any

project”, he added.

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