STAFF REPORT LHR: Cyber entrepreneurship is on rise in Pakistan, and there is a lot of need to nurture the aspiring entrepreneurs who are bracing themselves for startups in e-commerce sector. Plan9 (larges technology incubator in Pakistan) conducted a seminar in order to give insight to budding entrepreneurs about the E-commerce growth strategies and startup culture in Pakistan.

The recently started 6th cycle incubates of Plan9 were the participants of the seminar. Adam Dawood, Country Head, (biggest e-commerce site of Pakistan) was the chief guest of the seminar.

Adam Dawood apprised the participants with multiple dynamics of e-commerce such as payment methods, logistics, customer service, digital marketing etc.

The inquiry based interactive session was a great source to transpire significant information to the participants from an experience mentor like Adam.

These kinds of initiatives are imperative to promote the cyber entrepreneurship culture in the country, and give direction to the youth to develop their entrepreneurial skills so to get benefited from huge potential of cyber space that is still pretty much unexplored and on nascent stage. This will not only help to cut the unemployment ratio in Pakistan but also make youth independent and liberated while converting their synergies into practically viable income source.

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