STAFF REPORT ISB: Climate change is the hovering challenge for Pakistan which is implicating on various sectors including agriculture, food security, healthcare, and infrastructure development. In order to minimize the adversities of climate change impacts on food Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) and United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have joined hands to work in coordination to improve food security and mitigate the abysmal impacts of Climate Change. This emerged as FAO delegation led by Patrick T Evans, Country representative FAO held a meeting with Federal Minister for Climate Change, Mushahidullah Khan.

“Pakistan is one of the highly vulnerable and risk prone countries to climate change phenomenon; it has highly adverse impacts especially on agriculture by impeding the food security and lessening the overall production. Working in UN FAO will certainly help a great deal in accounting for this copious issue”, Mushahidullah Khan said while speaking to the delegation.

Patrick T Evans said, “UN FAO is richly experienced organization working in different corners of the world to help attain food security objectives which is a global concern. We are fully committed to apply our expertise in Pakistan to help reel it out from adverse impacts of climate change on agriculture and food security in particular”.

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