Waleed Arif Malik is a graduate in Computer Engineering from University of Engineering, Taxila. He is an avid enthusiast, blogger, cyber entrepreneur who loves to collect the tremendous design tools resources, to abet nascent designers. He is the founder of Pakistan Entrepreneurs Association and CEO at Hexa Technologies. He shared his entrepreneurial journey with Technology Times recently in an interview

Waleed Arif Malik is an avid enthusiast, blogger, cyber entrepreneur

Tell us briefly about yourself?

I am an engineering graduate from University of Engineering Lahore. I opted to become an entrepreneur. Consequently, my devotion and stubborn determination bore fruit, and I established my own software house under the tag of Hexa Technologies.

Moreover, I am providing consultancy to many firms. I am also working with IT revolution which is primarily based on ideas for giving direction to the youth and comprehensive understanding about online business prospects. I gave the idea to the Government, thereby resulting in initiation of an association named as Pakistan Entrepreneurs Association (PEA) which has basic emphasis on how to provide benefits to the people, under guidance by professional entrepreneurs.

How do you entered in the field of cyber entrepreneurship?

I started my career as a blogger and since I got admitted in computer engineering so I got more interested in this field which made me explore the depths of cyber space. Once, I started dwelling in its depths, I conceived the idea to step into the cyber world with my own venture.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

My ambitions grow day by day for which I work hard to achieve them and I want to capture the major share of this working and make the brand Hexa Technologies known all over.

How you recognized the need of creating an online portal like Hexa Technologies?

I was working before as a single entity but that doesnt get you anywhere if you dont have a brand name to back you up which is required by the major league players when you try to work for them.

What is your target level to take your company to?

My father told me once that if you want to achieve anything you need to work for it and that made me work hard in every aspect of life and Im determined to make Hexa Technologies a world known brand.

How Hexa Technologies is serving towards community?

Hexa Technologies is creating awareness and inviting the young minds to work in the field of cyber technology as it has huge number of job opportunities for all. We also work on enhancing the skills of our employees to make them better in serving the needs of the society. Pakistan Entrepreneur Association is also sub-project of Hexa Technologies.

How did you manage to cope with the difficulties that hindered you in attaining your objectives, both professionally and psychologically?

I had a lot of support from my family and friends who helped me in step of my life both personal and professional. All the work related queries are handled by me and I learn a new thing each and every day. Learning process is life long and one should never stop to accept the new changes.

Can a small online business could also be setup with small investment?

Yes, All you need is a right idea and know how to implement it. I also started working from the bottom and that made me stand where I am today.

What factors do young entrepreneurs must take care of before setting up an online business?

First you need to identify your strong areas where you can excel then comes the part of implementing your ideas where you need to do all the market research to know the ins and outs of it.

What future of cyber entrepreneurship do you see in developing countries like Pakistan?

The future of cyber entrepreneurship is very strong in Pakistan. The market is getting more mature day by day and people are accepting this change which will result in a lot of opportunities for fresh minds with new ideas to revolutionize the cyber world.