MOBILE MANUFACTURERS are competing and adding in more functionality and ease of use, in addition to coming up with user friendly devices fulfilling modern day aesthetics, the future of mobile technology appears to be amazingly interesting. Use of flexible OLED- touch screen displays, flexible electronic circuits and color sensors together will enable manufacturers to come up with flexible, break resistant phones with customizable shapes, colors and sizes. Environmental (ECO) friendly materials and built on nano-scale solar/magnetic chargers would help reduce environmental impact. With much better networks, higher camera and on-screen display resolutions and better image projection capabilities, mobile phones tend to be able to revolutionize seemingly complex future everyday lives.

Apple iPhone 7:

Stepping into the cellular industry, Apple has succeeded in capturing a sufficient amount of market share and is widely acknowledged of bringing revolutionary innovation each time it has come up with a new version of the increasingly popular iPhone.

Soon after the news of Apple working on the next device in line, the iPhone7, speculations among the iPhone fan club and various technology circles have taken pace. It is being said to have a full HD sapphire front display of about 4.9. Some even predict the iPhone7 of having a laser projection keyboard in addition to a touch sensitive display, allowing customizable key size and a more comfortable typing experience. Rumors indicate a 13+ megapixel camera supported by an LED flash and a quad core A9 processor chip allowing at least double if not more, than the existing clock speed. Some say that the iPhone7 would be fire proof with a break resistant OLED display, a capacitive home button and touch ID sensor with 700 dpi. Besides this, it is said to incorporate the next operating system, iOS 9, near field communication (NFC) sensor, Bluetooth 4.2 and a 2260 milli ampere hour (mAh) battery with light indicator around the lightning connector. I-cloud service is also expected, allowing documents, applications and other media to be stored and retrieved from a remote cloud server. A greatly improved speech engine together with location based reminders would further beef things up. Although apple might face challenge in maintaining a decent battery time due to an always on GPS; a device with such amazing capability would otherwise undoubtedly take the iPhone a step ahead of its potential competitors. With expectations rising to the climax Apple would surely take its time making sure not to disappoint the ever growing fan club and inspired technology geeks.


Aiming to provide retail stores with a mobile point of sale device to cope up day to day increasing service demands while decentralizing the checkout point; Motorola, one of the leading cell phone manufacturers have come up with a concept called the Sparrow. It can be easily clipped to a sales mans pocket or shirt allowing sales to be made anywhere. Equipped with a front and back panel touch system, Motorola sparrow incorporates a bar code scanner, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and a credit card reader all into a compact and agile device. The only apparent set back would be its inability to print an invoice; otherwise it surely has the right potential to revolutionize sales and shopping experiences.

Nokia 888

Another such phone is the award winning Nokia 888 designed by designer Tamer Nakisci at the Nokia Benelux design contest. Following the concept line “The perfect form” does not exist “form follows you”, this amazing device is targeted towards the trendy youth. The phone is not only flexible it is ergonomic; it can change shape and color automatically according to the users need. Forms can be personalized and saved for future use. This device is perhaps the first step towards context aware mobile devices; it automatically senses Ones environment and movement, understands ones need and acts accordingly. One can even send and receive form factors to/from other Nokia 888 users. The device is anticipated to be using flexible liquid batteries and some innovative charging mechanism. Speculators are hoping to see devices with such amazing capability around 2020.

Leaf phone:

The idea of this phone is based upon natural photosynthesis in plants. Its most distinguished feature is its eco-charging ability. This wearable bracelet phone incorporates solar cells on its front panel for making it more environmentally friendly. Its main objective is “reminding people of their contribution to the carbon footprint”. Besides its solar charging capability, this device can be charged via electricity if charging is required in a cloudy day or during night time. It is otherwise a pretty basic phone with no multimedia support or camera.

Apple black hole:

Apple Black Hole uses 3D holographic display which is probably one of the most advanced designs which would comprise of four components: Charging base, Black hole, Prism and the Gift box. Using the device would be fun. This phone has a central ball that will levitate when you open your hand. Thanks to the holographic technology all its functions would be controlled in mid-air. Simply touch the holographic images and it will trigger the available functions, which is interesting. To add more variety to the usage, when connected to the charging base it would be used as a desktop device projecting the GUI (graphic user interface) in a confined space.

Although it does look like a perfect device except holographic displays might have a narrow viewing angle and Visibility can be an issue out doors and in brightly lit environments.


These phones will bring users dream come true through shaping and enabling what they think of having and enjoying in the years ahead. Much research is being carried out in bringing new innovations in the field of technology, specifically in mobile technology which will not only bring marooned and isolated masses together but also would help simplify seemingly complex everyday lives.

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