Dont feel like getting out of the house but need more information and more options? Need better deals but dont know where to find them? How 90s.

These were the dilemmas of people two decades ago, but not so much so in the 21st century with the emergence of e-commerce. While e-commerce became more popular in the West before it took over the rest of the world, it is a widely accepted and popular concept in Pakistan in contemporary times.

Previously, consumers were skeptical when it came to making purchases and interacting with others online, but this is now largely a concern of the past. People are increasingly becoming more accustomed to purchasing products online and gathering information regarding the best deals from the comfort of their living rooms.

Several industries in Pakistan have set up highly successful and beneficial e-commerce platforms which have revolutionized how they operate. Pakistani automotive website offers consumers extensive information regarding new vehicle trends in Pakistan, the best prices, and enables consumers, agents, and individual sellers to get in touch with one another to strike mutually beneficial deals.

In the same manner, has revolutionized the real estate industry with its online property portal, which provides buyers, sellers, agents, and prospective buyers/sellers with unlimited information, the liberty to post questions, frequent market reports, and prices and trends from the real estate market. Additionally, the website features ads and agent profiles in order to accommodate all imaginable real estate information needs.

While real estate was previously about going into an office and discussing all your options and then going to the one next door to see what they had to offer, has changed all that by offering it all on a computer screen or the screen of a smartphone.

Undoubtedly, e-commerce is increasing in scope in the business world and, due to its current success, is sufficiently adding to the countrys economy. Consumers have a sense of convenience that they previously could not even think about, along with a vast variety of products and services that they previously had not even imagined when conducting transactions online.

While some consumers are still cautious about giving out their credit card information and other personal information online, the positive aspect regarding online portals such as is that they do not require personal information, but simply and conveniently put you in touch with the right people and the required resources. This is probably what is behind the portals immense popularity in Pakistan.

In this technology-oriented world, it is unlikely that a consumer would miss an appropriate opportunity or would be unable to find what they are looking for. Websites such as and have reduced the chances of that happening even further by offering it all in one conveniently accessible location. What more?

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