Staff Report HYD:Ali Nawaz Khan Mahar, Provincial Agriculture Minister, Sindh inaugurated agriculture project worth $76 million. The project is contrived in order to burgeon the income of low-medium farmers and the yield.

The World Bank is the sponsor of this five-year project which will be spread to more than 10 districts of Sindh. More than 100,000 farmers categorized into four classes i.e. onion, rice, chilli, date will be entitled to get 6 months training and subsidies.

Ali Nawaz Khan Mahar said, “Growers of these four crops will be the principal beneficiary of the project. After mutual consultation with farmer representatives, we may add other categories of crops like mango, tomato etc.”

The projects objectives swirl around improving crop yield and increasing market access for low-medium income farmers, knowledge sharing, and public sector institutional strengthening.

Project Director, Irshad Ahmed Ansari said, “the training would include 20% theory and 80% practical work on the fields. Both local and foreign experts will train the farmers including 31,020 who cultivate chilli, 33,360 onion farmers, 40,000 rice growers and 7,980 date farmers.”

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