STAFF REPORT ISB: The Energy Lab is an environment Shell created to allow people of all ages learn more about energy by participating in activities and games and using hands-on learning applications.

The first ever Shell Energy Lab in Pakistan was held at the Institute of Business Management and students from the university, families and other NGO school children visited throughout the course of the day.

During the press briefing at the event, Gyongyver Mensei-Bondar, Retail Business Head at Shell East, said, “I think we can safely say that most people who drive any kind of vehicle care about how their vehicle runs and more importantly how much they can get out of the fuel they buy.”

She further added that at Shell, the fuel in your tank has been developed in our laboratory by our global team of scientists.

Using over 100 years of expertise, our fuel technology experts work continuously to bring you advanced and effective high quality fuels, she added.

Shell Supers unique Fuel Economy Formula is designed to give you extra kilometers by preventing the build-up of deposits that can damage your engines performance over time.

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