Staff Report ISD: Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Pakistan Monday, 20th April, 2015 to consolidate a plan for establishment of economic corridor, energy, and infrastructure projects in Pakistan worth $46 billion, strapping their economies and manifesting Chinas economic ambitions in Asia and beyond. Xi, whose visit to Pakistan ended on Tuesday 21st April, 2015, said it cemented a perpetual strategic cooperative partnership between the neighbors.

“Friendship with China is the foundation stone of Pakistans foreign policy,” Nawaz said in a speech. Both countries mutually agreed to strengthen cooperation in civil nuclear energy, space and maritime technology, counter-terrorism, and defense. The two sides agreed to maintain close high-level exchanges, which would provide guidance for the healthy and sustainable development of bilateral relationship. Both countires will further enhance strategic communication and coordination to safeguard their common interests.

“Chinese Presidents visits to Pakistan have always been historic. This visit too is historic. It is a watershed in the history of our relations,” Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said. “I informed the president that Pakistan desires a peaceful neighborhood to focus on pursuing growth and delivering prosperity to the people. To this end, we want peaceful relations with all our neighbors.”

Nawaz said he along with President Xi have taken momentous decisions that would raise Pakistan-China relations to new heights and “have deep and far reaching impact for our common economic future and peace and stability in the region.” He said both the leaders discussed the full spectrum of their bilateral relations and decided to strengthen them further in the

President Xi Jinping said China was working along with Pakistan to help it achieve its economic development and mentioned the solar power project in Cholistan to help with the livelihood program.

“We share President Xis vision for peace and prosperity in the region, which would be built on the dual principles of comprehensive security and win-win cooperation,” he added.

Nawaz said the CPEC would spur growth of Pakistans critical sectors of infrastructure, energy and industry. “We are starting a fresh phase in our geo-economic partnership that would create new jobs, start businesses, promote education and professional training, and help eradicate poverty.” “This Corridor will become a symbol for peace and prosperity,” he said.

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