Staff Report LHR: Telenor Pakistan organized expo in Lahore with the tag “Lets embrace the future” aiming to create awareness pertaining to Internet of Things (IoT) to help society identify their actual potential. This was the Pakistans first expo on Internet of Things.

The expo was part of Telenors aspiration to provide internet to all through innovative products and solutions, live demonstrations of IoT enabled devices was done to provide their customers with real time IoT experience.

The one day long expo also steered the launching of Telenor Pakistans Connected Device Project that comprised of several IoT based products and solutions.

Internet is used in daily life by people to exchange data with connected devices without having physical interaction. Internet of Things idea aims at development of the internet to make internet more convenient and accessible to everyone.

Energy management systems, automated security, tracking devices, biometric verification; Imperative internet solutions were presented at the expo for performance management and control of above said systems as well as various home appliances from remote locations through the internet, smart metering and smart homes.

Michael Foley, Chief Executive Officer, Telenor Pakistan in his keynote stated, “We are delighted to introduce the IoT concept in Pakistan, which is a continuation of our ambition to bring internet for all.

The IoT concept will bring Pakistan at par with the world by integrating internet and technology in daily activities to make the lives easier and more productive.” “For businesses, it opens up opportunities to increase efficiency, introduce better (smarter) services and add new revenue streams.

The possibilities are endless as Pakistan is an emerging market, which is adding a number of internet users every minute, and we look forward to the future of IoT with confidence,” he further added.

Telenor Pakistan`s premier management executives, officials from Telenor Group participated in the event and endorsed various devices and platforms, while academia, partner vendors, SMEs, media and nascent entrepreneurs were also present at the event.

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