ISLAMABAD: The leaders, domain experts, and professionals from cyber security industry joined in fourth edition of Cyber Secure Pakistan Conference 2015, venued at Pakistans premier ICT University – NUST-SEECS, this Wednesday. The purpose of stationing the event at NUST-SEECS was to escalate cyber security research in education sector.

Rizwan Sharif, VP PISA, welcomed revered guests to the countrys biggest conference on cyber security. He detailed the vitality and role of Pakistan Information Security Association at computer and network security frontiers.

Nazir Wahid, VP PISA South, accentuated the significance of cyber security. He said that the objective of CSP 2015 is to encourage the brainstorming and exchange of ideas in order to find ways for our institutional and national security. He further added that country faces crucial and grave challenges due to non existence of cyber law and public cyber emergency response team.

Ammar Jaffri, President PISA, said that need of Internet in modern age is indispensable; people, businesses, and institutions reliance on it is intrinsic and irrefutable. He also briefly highlighted imminent trends in cyber world such as Big Data, Internet of Things.

Hussain Iftikhar was present on behalf of Director General, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). He agreed and reiterated that due to non existence of cyber law in Pakistan, FIA lacks attorney to apprehend, interrogate, convict, and punish the cyber criminals. He informed the audience that FIA picks trained security scouts in cutting edge cyber security technologies from universities.

He also informed the participants that FIA recently launched Cyber Crime helpline (9911) that works 24/7 to respond to cyber crime emergencies.

Adli Wahid, Security Specialist at APNIC, joined Cyber Secure Pakistan all the way from Australia. He expressed his concern that participants of similar conferences pledge to work in collaboration, but do not adhere to the pledge and show perseverance in terms coordination and collaboration afterwards. He complimented the objective of Cyber Secure Pakistan and deemed it as an excellent platform to discuss concerns, and to learn from experiences of various professionals working in multiple sectors.

Srivinas Chendi from APNIC, said that he looks forward to work in close coordination with participants, law enforcement agencies to share his organizations experiences and impart his learning to them for an improved cyber security situation in Pakistan.

Champika Wijayatunga from ICANN also addressed briefly about ICANNs efforts in maintaining robust network security.

Dr. Arshad Ali, Director General, SEECS, expressed his gratitude to all participants for their time and effort to organize CSP 2015. He said that common people have frail interest in cyber security. He urged for greater turn out in upcoming workshops for maximum benefit of community.

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