STAFF REPORT LHR: President Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Faisal Afridi, has proposed a Pak-China Technology University to be opened with the collaboration of Chinese universities.

He said that aim of the university would be to transform appropriate technology from China that suits to the needs and demands of Pakistan. He added that China is interested to incorporate Chinese curriculum into Pakistan that will include Chinese language, Chinese work ethics, innovative planning and development, on the priority basis but for this they need cooperation from Pakistan.

He said that earlier in a meeting of Chinese delegation with Prof. Dr Nizamudin, Chairman HEC, the prospects of such collaboration with China were discussed. Nizamudin highly appreciated the idea and proposed to provide land for the formation of Pak-China Technology University with Chinese collaboration.

Faisal Afridi said that it would be considered a big achievement if Pakistan succeeds to form such this university because currently the education sector of Pakistan lacks in technology and technical expertise whereas the youth of Pakistan is highly motivated, talented and creative, just little guidance and direction could do a lot.

He lamented that we have unfortunately created a society where innovators are neither rewarded, nor held in high esteem.

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