STAFF REPORT ISB: The teledensity in cellular phone sector has hit 73.32 percent as number of subscribers in the country including AJK and Northern Areas touched 136.4 million by January 15 this year.

The cellular teledensity was 8.3 percent about 10 years ago but proactive policies of successive governments helped the sector to achieve growth and the tele-density in mobile phone sector jumped to 54.6 percent in 2007.

A data compiled by the PTA reveals that the cellular teledensity remained sluggish this year because of registration process of millions of SIMs by telecom operators.

Revision of mechanism for selling SIMs and limitation of SIMs on one CNIC also suppressed growth of subscribers. In December last year, the tele-density was 73.11 percent.

However, effective marketing campaigns by the operators stimulating subscription of cellular phone companies in urban and rural areas attracted 0.72 million new users to join subscribers base of five telecom operators in one month from December 14, 2014 to January 15, 2015.

Moreover, the teledensity in the country including fixed, Wireless Local Loop and mobile phone has reached record 76.74 percent by January 15.

The teledensity is defined as number of customers per 100 people. Hence it is roughly said that 76.74 percent of Pakistanis own and avail telephony services through different technologies.

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