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STAFF REPORT ISB: To mark the World Water Day (WWD), the Planning Commission together with multi-stakeholders has organized a conference to sensitize stakeholders on water issues and related challenges.

The conference is organized in collaboration with World Youth Parliament of Water (WYPW), UNESCO, PCRWR, Pakistan Water Partnership, ICIMOD, Economic ECO Science Foundation, ADB and UNICEF.

Sardar Tariq, Chief Executive of PWP, said that water is crucially important for the socio-economic sustenance and development of any country especially for Pakistan that has agriculture based economy.

Bart Devos, President of WYPW, said that access to clean water and sanitation as well as water scarcity, are among the most pressing challenges for any generation. The creation of Pakistan Youth Parliament for Water will contribute to unlocking the potential of Pakistani young people as solution provider for the water problems.

Earlier, Tajikistan Ambassador Sher Ali; Cooperation Attache of French Embassy, Olivier Huynh-Van and Dr. Manzoor Soomro, President ECOSF, also addressed the gathering.

In her opening remarks, Vibeke Jensen, Director, UNESCO, youth can play a vibrant role in developing their countries in a sustainable manner. She also stressed the academia to pay more attention to water research and its sustainable management.

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