Staff Report ISD: The Mobilinks classic golf tournament 2015 entered its second round of the three events in Islamabad Golf Club. The tournament saw the participation of distinguished amateur golfers from Mobilink customers and senior management of the company and the winners, media and prominent artists were rewarded. Mobilinks aim to promote golf and provide healthy entertainment. Mobilink is maintaining a unique position among premier amateur golf events of Pakistan over the last seven years. Being a well competed event it is gaining attraction of the countrys corporate and business sector.

Jeffrey Hedberg, President and CEO Mobilink stated that it is due to the great interest of customers and golf fans that One Classic Golf Tournament is now become the most likely golf tournaments of Pakistan. He also congratulated the winners and thanks the guests for their involvement.

In order to promote healthier lifestyle Mobilink always try to find unique ideas and opportunities. Now in its eighth edition, the 18-hole tournament has consistently attracted golfing enthusiasts from Mobilinks customer base. A similar tournament was held in Lahore last week and in Karachi in the coming week before the Mobilink One Classic for 2015 ends. 300 golf fans will participate in the event.

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