Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) announced an amazing electro-mechanical device namely “Jul Bujh.” This device basic functionality is to schedule the geysers wirelessly and automatically according to the need which helps in saving up to 30-50% of monthly gas bill. A microprocessor is compulsory to control this device and it can also be regulated by using a smartphone application which is available for Android and iOS users. Once user set up the schedule for on and off it will work for moths without using the smartphone or the application. It works according to a set schedule by the user after which it will automatically turned to pilot mode.

Jul Bujh comprises of changeable alkali batteries. The customers can avail free installation and warranty for one year with the device. Jul Bujh is available in RS 4600/-only and users can get this device also by paying in 12 installments.

The device will prevent to save gas reserves, less tariffs especially in the winter season, and minimize the gas load shedding.

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