STAFF REPORT LHR: Shell has launched a research supplement in Lahore on how cities across the world grow and consume energy after an extensive study of over 500 urban centres.

The research publication, New Lenses on Future Cities, produced in collaboration with the Singapore Centre for Liveable Cities surveyed a diverse mix of urban centres, and group cities into six illustrative archetypes indicating where energy use is most concentrated and where future urbanization is set to take place. It also identifies potential development pathways that help to give cities room to manoeuvre in how they use resources and promote economic development whilst keeping the city liveable.

“Shell spends considerable effort in understanding macro trends and long-term issues that will shape the future. We hope this research will be a valuable contribution to the global conversation about cities and provide a future energy-based perspective for political and business leaders as they make decisions that will affect city planning and development.” said Mazhar ud Deen, GM Retail for Shell Pakistan on the occasion.

John Russell, Shell City Development expert, talked about potential growth scenarios for an urban hub like Lahore.

“While significant investment has been made into Lahores development, further careful planning will help achieve more efficient and integrated use of resources, particularly energy resources,” he said.

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