Innovations are offspring of research and development in science and technology done in a framework having harmony and HR as well as financial resource to work upon new tech for society in order to engage youth. It is beyond any doubt that innovations are a way to tap the mental capabilities of innovative and genius minds to channelize the same in creating a healthy community. While on the other hand, it is, however, observed that innovations in some countries are pursued only for the sake of boosting business. Depending upon the context, the purpose of innovation or the way it is pursued varies for the researchers. Main purpose of the technology was to make people healthier and happier with peace and prosperity using cooperation, care and congeniality. In this modern era, innovation policy is the main tool used by the governments to align the needs of society with business and researchers in academia or R and D departments. It has strongly been observed that overemphasis on innovations has shown adverse effects in developing societies which is mainly due to the lack of policy frameworks. At this stage, getting all stakeholders on board is gravely needed. However, the task of proposing roadmaps requires sacrifice from those who care for society and most important is to keep such leaders working for the betterment of society. Technology roadmaps need such leaders who can communicate for the healthy and happy globe dwellers. In our context, we regrettably lack such initiatives due to non-readiness of society, un-educated HR and agriculture oriented labour. Our people are still more social and simple as compared to developed societies. In fact, we have found strong social bonds very hard to be smashed making it harder for many technologies to get diffused despite of roadmaps which are sincerely deliberated for good future. Most of the time, it is not supported by the government which subsequently keeps innovations at a very low stage and new ideas remain in documents and not getting materialized by the business people. As matter of fact, some attraction needs to be there for any new thing for the business people. Strong linkage between academia and industry is considered an effective tool to promote and encourage innovations through SandT research and development activities in the country. We do agree that technology roadmaps may help but it is very crucial to address the concerns of experts and give rise to innovation systems. Otherwise, the purpose of innovative culture would remain unfulfilled.

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