STAFF REPORT ISB: After a very tough competition, the entrepreneurial team that will represent NUST and Pakistan at the regional finals of the International HULT prize in Dubai has been selected at an event held in the Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at NUST.

At the final event, as many as 11 of the shortlisted teams pitched their ideas to a packed audience and the jury announced Team Julbul to be the winner.

Their idea was appreciated for its innovation and sustainability as it proposed education of slum children by empowering their families through easy income generation opportunities. Team Alamat received second prize on its idea of audio-visual curricula.

Backed by the Clinton Initiative, the HULT Prize is the largest globally held, social entrepreneurship competition that grants $1 million in seed money to the winning team.

The event was judged by educationists, child psychologists and entrepreneurs with vast experience in social ventures and childhood education. Speaking at the event, the experts highlighted the challenges of childhood education and the existing initiatives in place to tackle this issue.

Each year ideas are invited from around the world to address the worlds most pressing issues. This years theme addressed the vital problem of Childhood Education in Urban Slums. However, it is the first time that a Pakistani university has been selected for official representation in this prestigious event.

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