STAFF REPORTER LHR: The Centre for Integrated Mountain Research (CIMR), Punjab University, has recently observed a 4-day “International Mountain Day IMD-2014”. Purpose of the event was to provide opportunities to raise awareness on the importance of mountains to life, highlight opportunities and constraints in mountain development.The theme of this years mountain day was “Mountain Farming”. Family farming encompasses all the activities within the realms of agriculture forestry fisheries pastoralism and aquaculture that are predominantly reliant on family labour.

Dr. Khalida Khan Holder of the UNESCO Chair at PU and Director CIMR inaugurated the celebrations of Mountain Week.

She briefed about the rapid transformation of family farming in mountain region driven by population growth and economic globalization among other factors.

This occasion was observed by the senior scientists, researchers and professors from various research institutions across Pakistan.

Academician from diverse disciplines incorporated their vision towards an integrated strategic proceeding for addressing the key issues concerning the left behind communities populated in the remote areas of mountains.

On the occasion, Prof. Dr. Ehsan Malik emphasized that the Mountain Days observance must not be viewed upon in an isolated perspective but rather should be given a considerate responsiveness in a totalistic perspective.

Prof. Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi expressed his views regarding the sub-soil hydro toxicology.

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