STAFF REPORT ISB: Dawlance, Pakistans leading home appliance brand, has taken up the initiative to promote recycling amongst Pakistanis in a bid to achieve a greener future.

As part of the companys Be Reliable, the recycle initiative, Dawlances new series of locally assembled products are wrapped in packaging that features step-by-step instructions on how the appliance carton can be easily recycled to make various objects. Some of the items that can be created using the instructions given on the cartons include a laundry basket, pencil holder, tray, dinosaur cartoon and a table.

The company, which has been promoting a vision of “Making Pakistan Proud”, has won the Annual Environmental Excellence Award (AEEA) multiple times in the recent years.

“Considering the global impact of Climate Change, and particularly its harsh effects on Pakistan, its important for us to take proactive steps to protect the environment,” said Dawlances Senior Vice President of Communications, Hasan Azim.

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