STAFF REPORTER LHR: Buksh Foundation has collaborated with Asian Development Bank (ADB) under the banner of Punjabs Off-grid Energy Access Initiative.

A consultative workshop has recently been held to generate and discuss ideas that could help in ensuring energy access in Punjab.

The workshop also hosted energy consultants and stakeholders from the public and private sector.

The renewable and alternate energy consultants at the workshop, discussed and gave an overview of existing renewable energy solutions in off-grid areas of Nepal, Bangladesh, India and how the successful models in these countries be emulated in Pakistan.

Fiza Farhan – CEO Buksh Foundation (BF), also discussed how BF has tapped the rural off-grid areas of Pakistan through impact investment and the various projects that have been implemented for providing rural electrification through “Lighting A Million Lives” (LaML) Project, which has created multifold benefits. She discussed the successful business models of BF and how ADB and BF can collaborate to bring innovation in the clean energy finance industry through the LaML Project and Micro Grids Projects for the underprivileged areas, with little or no access to electricity.Alfredo Baño – Energy Consultant at ADB, in his presentation discussed the Punjab Energy Access Assessment, where he discussed the current energy access situation in the province and the surveys.

According to his findings, there is lack of basic infrastructure and grid extension for rural electrification is too costly.

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