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First Scientist in the World to Connect Brain Cells to a Silicon Chip

With Dr. Naweed’s Silicon Chip, we can send and receive messages to and from the brain. Diseases related to the brain can be cured. Feelings of a human can be incorporated inside a machine. But this does not limit itself here. As said by the great scientist, he is expecting a great number of devices in the near future which can have feelings.

When asked about the device, Dr. Naweed said “What we wanted to do was a two way link whereby an electronic device that we plant in the brain that can talk to the brain cells and the brain cells can talk back with the machine that we think is pivotal for any brain control device or brain control machine or any devices vice versa”

Dr Naweed is a world renowned scientist of Pakistani origin and the head of the Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy at the University of Calgarys Hotchkiss Brain Institute in Canada. He has also travelled throughout the world and given lectures and presentations on his work. One of the most important contributions of Dr Naweed was to connect brain cells to a silicon chip, the first scientist to do so. This opened up a field of unimaginable potential bringing artificial intelligence to the next stage. He estimates that science-fiction type Machine Men may be developed in one or two decades, with the use of his silicon chip.

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