Choosing a right profession is one of the most critical decisions of any one’s life. As the structure of the society in Pakistan is such that parents have more influence on this decision. So, its even hard to select the profession which is more aligned to the student’s own aptitude. That’s why most of the time professions are chosen based on trends or wishes instead of aptitude. Common professions, mostly parents want their children to go into are Medical, Engineering, Telecom and Information Technology. Nevertheless each profession has its own merits and demerits but growth of the IT industry is incredible in the past one decade. Although its comparatively new to Pakistan but it has become the top professions people like to go in. Here are 5 reasons why this profession should be given highest priority and parents should encourage their children to become programmers and software engineers.

1.IT Industry has unlimited Capacity

Every industry has its capacity to accommodate professionals and resources; this capacity depends upon many factors.

  • Number of consumers

  • Overall situation of the country’s economic condition

  • Annual Growth of that specific industry.

As most of the work in IT industry is through internet and clients are located outside Pakistan so IT Industry has unlimited capacity. Any IT professional with good communication and technical skills having a high speed internet can earn a handsome amount. European and American clients prefer to hire programmers from third world countries. In United States average salary of an IT professional is more than double of average national salaries. So, Companies in US prefer to outsource their IT work to Developing countries.

2.Among the prestigious professions

Software Engineering profession is among very prestigious professions in Pakistan. Software Engineers and professional related to computer industry are very respected in the society. As its a white collar job so developers/software engineers are being paid very high salaries as compare to other professions and above all there is no upper-cap on the salary increments for IT professionals. Although starting pays are not very high but as the developer grasp all the technique of the programming he works in, he starts making handsome salary.

3. Students/Practitioners of software development field are more aligned to the latest research than any other field

As most of the development and programming work is done for the customers that are located in the countries that are technological advanced than Pakistan. That is why all the practitioners/students are automatically up to date with the tools and techniques that are needed by their customers. Contrary to other fields in IT industry change is so rapid that software developers and other IT professionals have to work hard and study extra to survive in the market. So, their learning process remains active throughout their career and its direct impact is on their earning.

4.Incentives from Government

If you have a hidden wish to be an entrepreneur and want to be your own boss. Then “IT” is the right field for you. This industry is exempted from income tax until 2016.PSEB(Pakistan Software Export Board) is very active body and time to time initiate incentives for it registered companies and protect their rights.PSEBpropose many facilities e.g. workspace to the IT companies in STPs (Software Technology Parks). These straight of the art STPs have 24/7 power backups, high speed internet at very affordable cost and in-house banking services.PSEBcontributes in the cost if any of its registered company wants to enroll for any certification to improve the quality measures.

Remember because of the power situation in the country, only the software industry is growing. Textile industry which was once the hallmark of the country has been moved to other countries like Bangladesh and Malaysia because of power/electricity issues.

5.Global exposure

If you are a software developers and programmers eventually ends up working for the foreign clients (i.e. American, European or Australian nationals). So, this cross cultural business/professional relationship is always helpful to learn different aspects of work ethics. This opportunity is rarely available in any other profession in Pakistan unless the professional personally visit/settle in other country. Many good habits, professionalism, mentor ship, cross cultural attributes, healthy work habit, improvement in communication and latest programming tools and development skills can be learned being an IT professional.

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