STAFF REPORT KHI: UBL Fund Managers Limited have recently visited the WWF Pakistans Wetland Center, Sandspit Beach, Karachi, in order to plant mangrove trees and clean the beach.

The exercise was organized in collaboration with the WWF Pakistan. This initiative by UBL Fund Managers Limited is an integral part of their CSR campaign and aims to highlight the importance of mangrove plantations, raising awareness among coastal communities and other stakeholders.

On the occasion, the UBL Fund Managers Limited planted 250 mangrove trees and reviewed the progress of previous plantations done by them. They also spent the afternoon cleaning the beach and picking up garbage left behind by beachgoers.

Mangroves along the Karachi coastline have been vastly damaged due to the continuous land grabbing and the need for fuel as well as wood, affecting not only the marine breeding grounds but also severing the chances of hurricanes, floods and land swamping.

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