STAFF REPORT ISB: Ministry of ITandT is in the process of developing a system to address various issues present in smart grid communication technologies.

A project has already been launched to achieve the purpose which presents a simple form of cooperative communication technique, known as Opportunistic Large Array (OLA), as a potential candidate for smart grid communications.

The principal investigator organization for the project, costing Rs. 7.42 million, is School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science NUST, Islamabad. The project is expected to be completed in 2016, said an official of the ministry.

“Sensors and sensor networks have an important impact in meeting environmental challenges. Sensor applications in multiple fields such as smart power grids, smart buildings and smart industrial process control contribute to more efficient use of resources,” he said.

These networks communicate the information through wireless links enabling interaction between people, devices, or computers and the surrounding environment. The data is later sent to a sink, which either uses the data locally.

Smart grids must be deployed in both existing systems as well as within totally new systems. Nevertheless, significant barriers must be overcome in order to deploy smart grids at the scale they are needed.

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