STAFF REPORT ISB: The government has established Technologies Display Centre at National Agriculture Research Centre (NARC) aiming at giving public access to the edible commodities produced by agriculture scientists.The centre was jointly inaugurated by PARC Chairman Dr Iftikhar and the councils former chairman Dr ME Tusneem.

A number of PARC products are now available for sale to general public. These products included honey, dates, eggs, tomato ketchup, fresh fruit, biscuits, apple jams, drinks and vegetables, vegetable seeds, oil crop seeds, major crop seeds, fertilizers, and agriculture medicines.

Livestock feed, maize hybrids seed, PARC herbal tea, green tea, mushroom, hair prevention tonic, herbal cosmetic products, fruit fly trap, olive fruit extract, extra virgin olive oil, burfiuleo biscuits, olive qehwa, olive pickle, frozen fish tilapia, frozen meat, fruit plants, and many other items have been put on display.

“The establishment of the centre is was a laudable effort by scientists and it will help PARC generate its own funds to minimise the dependence on government budget,” said the PARC chief while addressing scientists on the occasion.

He said public, private partnerships and NGOs are important to take the technologies ultimately to the end-users. The senate and NA Standing Committees on National Food Security and Research have supported the new initiatives of PARC.

Dr Tusneem said that there was need to practically apply the knowledge and innovations of scientists which otherwise remains in laboratories.

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