SIDRA SAIF ISB: Agriculture experts at a roundtable, while mentioning that majority of the people in mountain area is not well aware of modern agricultural practices, said there is a need to give new knowledge and initiate skill development programmes about machinery usage and upgrade their agriculture for better productivity.

The roundtable was jointly was organized by ICIMOD, IOM, PIDE and PARC in Islamabad.

Purpose of the event to discuss the policy implications of the research findings in context of the national and provincial climate change adaptation policies and provisions with the government stakeholders.

The meeting was attended PARC Chairman Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad, Maj. General Saeed Aleem, Chairman NDMA, Dr. David Molden, DG ICIMOD, and delegates Nepal, China, Bangkok, Bangladesh.

They exchanged their views and presentations highlighting various aspects of migration and remittance in the climate change adaptation in Pakistan and given valuable recommendations for future policy.

On this occasion, Dr. Iftikhar acknowledged the role of ICIMOD for the development of mountain area of Pakistan.

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