The term science does not solely imply a set of subjects pertaining to life. In fact it has garnered a distinguished standing as a metaphor for peace since its inception. The diversity of nature itself and its kafkaesque complexities that haunt men due to their curious nature had driven him to explore it and untangle the layered myths of nature and translate them into irrefutable truths. Science has resolved numerous riddles of nature and still it has a long voyage to embark in search of unfolding the subtle realities that affect the creatures on earth and the world itself.

There always has existed a vague notion about science that it ignites the turbulence and flames the wilderness amongst countries thus creating a disharmony in the world. This belief itself is hackneyed as science itself doesnt provoke any individual from the mankind to topple the natural equilibrium of the world. Rather its the thirst of power and greed of eternity that steers him to outflank others. But a glimpse at a panoramic view of science illustrates that science has always strived and harbored for the global peace and harmony.

When one takes a glance at the pages of the history conclusively one may find explicitly that most of the major wars were fought over natural resources (oil, water, minerals). As their extinction and global recession plunges nations to invade other countries and subsequently change the geopolitical landscape of the world. One such example is fossil fuels. These are being consumed all over the world more rapidly than it is being produced. So that makes the policy makers of the world think and sort out the alternative. Science once again has suggested renewable energy sources i.e. solar energy, bio fuels, wind energy, etc, to mitigate the global recession of oil hoax around the globe.

Science and peace are not two different analogies; they are in fact inter-related as peace is attained due to the comfort which has been provided voraciously to mankind through the application of science. Science has revolutionized everything related to mankind .The wilderness, testing in the wild, and the toughest ordeals that nature could challenge and the life of subterfuge are tales from the past to humans. Nowadays man jumps from Stratosphere to earth crossing the sound barrier (Felix Baumgartner).Taking such challenges and reinforcing such courage in humans is nothing but definitely science induced. Such landmarks are not just individual records but also a source of union for whole world as success cuddles the humanity. Such events of history making could not be possible without the involvement of science in it. Certain physics laws and some mathematical calculations are necessarily done in order to attain precision which science has taught to mankind.

One such beauty of science is that its not a static or stationary thing or knowledge. In fact it is a dynamic one. It changes and upgrades every moment. Researches are carried out and the diversity ranges from study of atoms to study of the universe itself i.e. sun and the massive planets. Humans could never talk far away from each other few decades back, could never travel to somewhere. But science has transformed everything around us the buzz of telecommunication to underground subways everything seems to be beyond imagination. These comforts have transmitted a great deal of solace and convenience to modern world but imagination is the key to invention and necessity is the mother of it. Imagination and curiosity drives human to unleash its brain and discover the realities of universe and then eventually invent something new by taking inspiration from nature.

Science plays a role of ladder for mankind to drench into nature, resolve mysteries and create peace. Nowadays wars are also not as out vogue as they used to be in past. Nowadays race of modernism, space race and knowledge based races are exercised more than the traditional war flicks.

Science has promoted peace, awareness head and shoulders ahead of any other discipline in the existing world. Science forecasts almost everything within the imagination. On one end if application of science has provided atomic bombs and weapons of mass destruction whereas on the other hand several vaccines, rapid cell regeneration techniques, medicines, injections and other remedies and treatment techniques have also been provided by science. Thus, the argument that science inflates the balloon of terrorism is very much dodgy.

Conclusively it can be said blatantly that without science today no human can even think of life. Science contribution towards global peace should be accredited, acknowledged and it should be paid homage from not only the global authorities working on science or peace purposes but also from the students of science all around the globe as science is our pride. The dignitary that we carry whole day with us, the gadgets, the cell phones, GPS everything science has provided us. Science has aided security agencies also to track the burglars and install different kinds of security fixtures to one`s home, vehicles etc to make your life easier, convenient, low risk and peril free. Peace shall itself be proud of science to be there to shield it and prevent humanity from being carnage.

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