STAFF REPORT ISB: In a major development, PARC has developed white maize varieties. Scientists design pathway to take the maize germplasm to the clients for boost up production of maize in the country on large scale.

The Council with the help of National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) was able to reach farmers in the country.

PARC Chairman Dr Iftikhar Ahmad at a two-day national maize workshop Annual Progress Review under Agricultural Innovation Programme (AIP) for Pakistan said, the Council could help Maize and Millets Research Institute (MMRI) Yousafwala to sell their maize hybrids to the clients. He said PARC-PATCO was ready to working with private companies to promote various crops in the country.

International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT) in partnership with PARC had organised the event.

In his remarks, Dr Shahid Masood, member (Plant Sciences) PARC, said due to AIP programme in Pakistan we have good production of maize in the country. He said maize was the 3rd most important crop in Pakistan.

Dr Imtiaz from CIMMYT presented an overview of AIP for Pakistan and particularly on maize achievements. He said CIMMYT was committed to enhance the capacity building of scientists and production of maize in Pakistan.

All stakeholders of maize sit together through this platform to develop shared objectives and priorities for enhancing maize production and productivity in Pakistan.

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