STAFF REPORT LHR: Participants of a seminar at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) have urged the government to make further investment in space technology and involve the youth.

The seminar was part of special activities linked to the World Space Week being celebrated at the UAF.The event was organised in collaboration with SUPARCO to spread awareness among the youth about space research.

“Such events were being organised at the campus to get the students involved. “The event will help stimulate the learning process and push students to set high targets in their lives,” said UAF Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan while addressing the audience.He said that during the last six years, the UAF had become a flagship academic institution of the country, setting new targets in research, higher education and extracurricular activities.He praised the efforts and role of SUPARCO in holding the UAF in various research and development projects. “SUPARCO technology is helpful in crop forecasting, image processing and strengthening our engineering programmes,” he said. He vowed to make the collaboration more vibrant.

Dr Rahmatullah Jilani, the SUPARCO director, said that since its inception in 1961, SUPARCO had launched Badar-1 and Badar-II satellites in 1980 and 2001.

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