STAFF REPORT KHI: The introduction of biometric SIM verification and activation system has slowed down the sales of telecom companies in the country.

According to a fresh report, the initiation of new mandatory SIM sale mechanism by the government this August all over the country that no any SIM could be activated without verification of NADRA. This has affected the sales of new SIMs for all telecom operators.

“The newly implicated SIM verification system has proved itself fully secured as no one could breach it, even the telecom companies could not issue SIMs to its employees without following the due procedures,” an official of PTA said.The telecom companies adopted the new guidelines to ensure due legitimacy to the national subscribers base so the country could overcome terrorism, he added.

According to him, frequent alteration in SIMs sales system by the government during past three to four years brought complexities for the telecom companies as they had to change marketing strategies and reorganise their human resource related procedures.

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