STAFF REPORT LHR: Chief Executive Officer, Punjab Livestock and Dairy Development Board (PLDDB) Nabil Arif, has said that the provision of low cost and nutrient fodder to livestock farmers for their animals is necessary to enhance milk and meat productivity so PLDDB is providing Silage facility to farmers at a low cost.

“The provincial government has facilitated PLDDB to launch silage project across the Punjab for the provision of low-cost fodder for animals to boost up the Livestock sector,” said the CEO while addressing the silage making industry stakeholders and GM Silage project.

He further said that PLDDB will produce 20 ton silage in the current season with the help of private stakeholders to provide the landless livestock farmers.

Farmers having maize crop may avail the silage machinery on rent for silage making at their own farms at very low price, he added.

Nabil Arif said that PLDDB has introduced latest silage machinery in Pakistan and now they are working to introduce the silage making techniques across the Punjab.

While explaining silage, he said that silage is a latest technique of green fodder preservation, to make silage, any kind of green fodder is being crushed with machines and stored at air tight atmosphere where bacteria could not grow, this may be used for years, he said.

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