STAFF REPORT ISB: The agriculture sector of Pakistan has still the potential to push the economy upwards and agricultural scientists, environmental experts and policy makers need to develop a comprehensive economic policy for the agriculture sector.

PARC founding chairman Dr Amir Muhammed, who is also Rector of FAST, said this while speaking a seminar on “Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in Pakistan: Implications for Food Security” on the NARC premises in Islamabad.

He said that Pakistan is facing major risks related to climate change including rise in sea level, glacial retreats, floods, higher average temperature and higher frequency of droughts.

PARC Chairman Dr Iftikhar Ahmad, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) Vice Chancellor Dr Asad Zaman, NARC Director General Dr Muhammad Azeem Khan, Engr Shamsul Mulk, Acting FAO Representative for Pakistan Francisco Gamarro, and other speakers also addressed the seminar and said that Pakistan was among the countries most vulnerable to climate change impacts.

The speakers said that rapid changes in the agriculture sector are happing at the international and national levels which have direct and indirect implications for local communities. Many factors like economic crisis, trade distortions, shifting cultivations, natural resource degradation and technological advances are affecting agricultural productivity and well-being of the rural communities, they said. They emphasised that coordinated efforts are needed to tackle the issues of climate change at grass-root levels. All people should bring something which is good for everyone.

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